Database of UPS inverter output waveforms (updated)

APC (Schneider Electric) Smart-UPS (rackmount)

Smart-UPS 700 VA rackmount (SU700RMINET)


This one is basically the same as the stand-alone SU700INET, just that the internal organs are placed inside rack-mount case. It is 3U chasis but rather short and may actually be mounted using brackets as the heaviest parts are on the front section. However, I would still recommend using a rack shelf. Basically this whole rack-mount family is the same, they just have different accumulator and output power capacity. This is done via several mounting positions for the backside metalic wall of the battery compartment. In this particular unit I have moved the wall and installed two 15Ah accumulators (with proper cooling boost of course) which resulted in four times the runtime over APC figures. The stand-by power draw is about 24 W.


Smart-UPS 750VA LCD RM 2U (SMT750RMI2U)

The current incarnation of Smart-UPS series soming with display allowing configuration directly from the front panel. Rated at 750 W/525 W, there are however also versions of this 2U rackmount device which appear to only deliver 500 W. Still provides sine-wave output, but now the no-load power draw has decreased to about 10.5 W (with 9Ah accumulators) as it appears the main transformer is no longer constantly powered (or it only uses small current to keep it at least partially magnetised). Its core also appears to be larger, possibly to save coper winding.

Smart-UPS 1000 VA rackmount (SU1000RMINET)


Basically the same as SU700RMINET and also as the desktop version, just in rack-moutn chasis. It has the same power output of 1000 VA/670 W, of course sine-wave. The accumulators are bigger here as the compartment wall is moved further. Idle power draw is about 22.6 W.


Smart-UPS 1400 VA rackmount (DL1400RMI)


This unit uses same chasis as the SU1000RMINET and similar rack-mount untis from this era, just provides larger power output of 1400 VA/950 W. Once again it shares the same internal components with stand-alone version. The naming is strange though and I really fail to see the difference from SU1400RM which also exists. However, even though part of the cabling is same as in the stand-alone variant (SU1400I/INET), from the proprietary power connector there is a splitter and two blocks of two 7Ah (or 9Ah) batteries in series are combined in parallel. In other words, it uses serial-parallel scheme of 2× 24V blocks.


The stand-alone version would use 17-22Ah batteries, however, those are taller and would require 4U rack-mount chasis. It is worth noting such variants also exist ;-) As all true Smart-UPS, this one is also has sine-wave output. It consumes under 23 W while idling.

Smart-UPS 2200 VA rackmount (SU2200RMI3U)


Big 3U rackmount unit, this is the SU2200RMI3U, weighting over 50 kilos. Its power is 2.2 kVA/1.6 kW. Line-interactive with sine wave output.

SU200RMI3USmart-UPS XL 2200 VA rackmount 3U (SUA2200RMXL3U)


Newer version of the above 3U 2.2kVA unit, the active power has been increased to 1.98 kW. Still line-interactive unit with sine wave output.


We see pulsed charging once again.


Smart-UPS XL 3000 VA rackmount 3U (SUA3000RMXLI3U)


Even bigger/more powerful version of the rackmount unit, with power of 3 kVA/2.7 kW. Otherwise the same, line-interactive, sine wave output.


Pulsed charging once again.


Smart-UPS SC

Smart-UPS SC 450 VA rackmount 1U (SC450RMI1U)


Rackmount version of the SC line, nominal power of 450 VA/280 W. This piece is somewhat hybrid at the moment as there is CPU from desktop 420VA version right now so it has 30 VA/20 W lower output power, otherwise they are the same. Line-interactive with modified square wave output.


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