Sea Sonic Announces Time Line of Future PSU Product Launches

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Sea Sonic Announces Time Line of Future PSU Product Launches

Postby duckula » July 25th, 2011, 4:53 am

In Quarter 4, 2011, Sea Sonic will introduce many new and exciting products. First will be the start of our Platinum series and then the completion of our award winning X – Gold series followed by a whole new Gold – G series and upgraded M12II.

In September 2011 (estimated), our PLATINUM P-860 & P1000 will be available on the local markets. These models represent the highest level of technology, efficiency, performance and quality yet produced by Sea Sonic.

GOLD – X Series - Complete the family
The highly successful X series will be completed this September with the X-1050 & the X-1250, both 100% modular, Gold efficiency and super high performance and quality. The X series will span from 400 & 460 watts fanless and 560, 660, 760, 850, 1050 & 1250 with S3FC to make the most complete 80PLUS Gold series available on the market!

GOLD – G Series - A new frontier
In November of 2011 (est.), the all-new G series will be launched to bridge the gap with semi modular for the PC enthusiasts and Gold efficiency for super performance, energy savings and quality. Available will be 350, 450, 550 & 650, targeted right at the heart of the most popular power outputs!

BRONZE - M12II series - High Power and yet cost effective
The new M12II-650, 750 & 850 is made for the enthusiasts who need more power, but keep the modularity and is price focused. These units will be available in Oct 2011.

BULK Units
For our partners who purchase our BULK units, the ATX model line up be expanded with the 350, 450, 550 & 650 in November and 700, 800 & 900 to market in January of 2012. The TFX will have an addition of 300 & 350 watts Gold units in October to market date. In addition to the above offering, there will also be many adapters, open frame power supplies and power supplies for the LED market.

http://www.techpowerup.com/149595/Sea-S ... nches.html[hr]
I wonder if the advanced M12II 650, 750 and 850W units will be based on the SS-xxxAT platform. (the same platform as the Corsair TX650, 750 and 850 V2.)
Please feel free to point out any mistakes in my messages. That will be helpful for me to make less mistakes in the future. :-)
Any help will be appreciated.:thnx:
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