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Developing for Android

Postby shovenose » February 15th, 2012, 7:33 am

So... a while back I randomly decided I want to learn Java.
I started, then I sort of got busy with a few other things.
Now I want to make Android apps...
guess what programming language it uses?
JAVA!!! YAY! two birds with one stone (or more like two pigs with one bird in Angry Birds)

Anyway, so far I plan to make (I'm starting easy here, lol)
-RootTest (simply checks if you're device is rooted)
-Panic Button (if the user is in a dangerous situation, they just have to launch the app, and put their hand in their pocket with a finger on the screen. If they let go, it calls a preset number of their choice (or the police)...)...
-Hardware insights (basically this will access a special mobile version of the site made specifically for the app and will give users a notification when new blog posts are added or a forum thread they watched is updated...or something like that)
-Screenshot for non-rooted phone (I need to figure out how to take a screenshot on phones without root access. It's something Android phones have been missing forever. And most of the exiting screenshot apps for root phones are ugly as fuck)

Anyway those should be easy enough to make, and during making and of course updating/maintaining those, it will help me to learn the ropes I guess.
Then I can move on to more advanced stuff that's actually fun/useful/profitable. In the process, I'll learn Java, then I can make a full desktop game with a mobile version :) but maybe come to mobile first, then desktop... It'll force me to code efficiently because mobile CPUs/GPUs aren't so powerful, so then when I move it to the computer it'll run so nicely...

Anybody else here have experience making Android apps? I see that you have to pay $25 to register on the Android Market so I'm going to wait until I've made my first app and made it perfect before I submit it...
I'll be able to test each app on three devices (the third one has yet to arrive from eBay)
-HTC Inpsire 4G phone rooted with Android 4.0
-Acer Iconia Tab A100 with Android 3.2 (not rooted)
-shitty generic tablet with Android 2.2
Chances are, if my apps work on all those then it will work on almost everything :)
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Re: Developing for Android

Postby RWenger » February 19th, 2012, 2:03 pm

I'm in a class here at VT which includes Android development as part of the assignments. Our second assignment of the semester is to program an app which will take pictures from the user's phone and superimpose them over a Google Maps map for the purpose of displaying the picture over where it was taken.

What kind of IDE are you using? If I may, I'd suggest Eclipse with an Android emulator so that you won't have to install the apps on your phone or other Android device any time you change anything.
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Re: Developing for Android

Postby shovenose » February 20th, 2012, 10:45 pm

Yes I am using Eclipse, I've got the Android SDK, and I've been using the AVD Manager to make virtual devices to test out the apps in.
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