Kambrook KFH660 and KFH600

Functional testing

The fan noise level (after about a 5-second spin-up time) is roughly comparable to a Vornado 533 or 633 on medium speed, although the airflow is well below that (and perhaps also more-laminar which doesn’t help there either).

Air coming out of the heater is lukewarm (hottest position 31K above intake) on half-heat, and on full-heat is quite warm (hottest position 62K above intake) but still not excessively hot. It distributes into the room quite well, remaining noticeable at 1.5m in front of the heater; perhaps only a Vornado might better this, but in Australia Vornado only sell their posh metal-cased models (for AU$300 or more!) and only do 1500W (like in their native USA, although some previous models were uprated to 2100W for Australia) according to their website, which is unlikely to be a worthy trade-off.

Thermal protection is the quickest-acting of any heater I’ve tested to date; I’ve timed it within 1 second when fully covering either the front or back grille, on full-heat. (On half-heat, it responds within 3 seconds.)

The front grille remains quite rigid even on full-heat, unlike many cheaper fan heaters. (It probably helps that the slats are quite a bit deeper here.)

Element glow in dark room
There is a very faint red glow from the innermost section of the elements (inside the mica ring), but this isn’t really noticeable in normal lighting (I took this photo at night, with the lights off).


Kambrook got their act together pretty well after the KFH200 debacle, with their current models being quite satisfactory.
Some durability improvements could still be made at minimal expense, though (such as shielding the back bearing from dust).

 Pros + decently built, reasonably priced
+ very good heat distribution into the room
+ thermal cut-out responds quickly
 Cons rather noisy as typical among fan heaters
back bearing exposed to incoming dust
only 2 power settings (2400W, 1200W)
unergonomic knobs (KFH6x0; fixed on KFH7x0)
 Be aware of… /?\ power switch rotation direction

DēLonghi HVS3032 is the only clearly better-built (modern) fan heater I’m currently aware of, but that’s almost twice the price so may be hard to justify if used only occasionally.


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