Antec High Current Gamer M 750 W (HCG-750M) review

Introducing the Antec High Current Gamer M 750 W (HCG-750M)

As we have already established in the preview, the Antec High Current Gamer M 750 W (codenamed HCG-750M) unit is made by Seasonic. It is based on its M12II Bronze high-power platform, which is somewhat combining technology from both the S12G and previous M12II models. This is unlike lower-wattage models of both the High Current Gamer M and Seasonic M12II which are based on modular version of the ordinary (group design) S12II (which is in turn based on S12, and so on all the way back to Super Tornado). So this is 80 PLUS Bronze certified (@115 V), semi-modular unit (the Main ATX and ATX 12 V are fixed), not synchronously rectified, but with single voltage output from main power supply (+12 V) and DC-DC switching modules.

Antec High Current Gamer M 750 W (HCG-750M)

This unit is priced at slightly under 3200 CZK (105 Euro in Germany, and 150 AUD or 100 USD) which is barely, but still high-end price. But there is slight problem: it seems to me that official distribution in Czech republic has ended. It is listed in only a single shop here (on order, no stock) which I know buys it from Germany. As we can see, everywhere else on the planet it is listed for mainstream price. So in this case I will make an exception of the rule (categorisation based on prices in CZ, if available) and evaluate it as mainstream unit. For that price, it is covered by 5-year warranty.


It has internally just a single +12V power supply, but claims to have two rails on the output with 40 A each. Combined power of both reaches 744 W. The +3.3 and +5 V rails, generated from +12 V using DC-DC modules, are capable of providing up to 25 A (or 150 W combined). The −12V rail can supply half an ampere while stand-by supply up to 3 A.  The HCG-750M claim to be handle continuous operation at 50°C ambient temperature, for this task it has large fan and “Japanese heavy-duty caps”, which we will definitely have a careful look at. It is also supposed to have full set of protections, including OTP.

Packaging and accessories

The box of the unit is medium sized. The front side shows the unit running (with fan backlight turned on) and lists some of the basic information. On the left side is information about available connectors, on the right side we can find power distribution table. On the bottom there is listing of more features, including the available protections.


As we are used to from Antec, the backside only adds to specifications in text form. In six different languages, two more languages are on the top side. We can see something about the protections, capacitors, connectors and so on. The unit itself is packed in textile bag with pieces of cardboard carton around it.


As for the extras, we have a power cord, all the modular cables, then some screws, a manual and a warranty leaflet.


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