Antec VSK3500 Case Review

The Exterior


The front of the case is mostly matte black, except for the buttons and the surround, which is gloss black. Finger prints do show up a little, but it’s not nearly as much as on some cases, such as the Gigabyte LUXO X10. As stated on the box, the case has two USB3 ports, which is great. The left side panel has a vent on the side, but the vent doesn’t have screw holes for fans, which makes it look a lot cleaner, especially since side fans are largely useless except in some computers with multiple large graphics cards, which isn’t the target use for a case like this one.


The back of the case has a 92mm fan vent, which comes with a fan installed. There is no information about the fan’s model on the sticker, so I don’t know what it’s speed, airflow and noise specifications are. The grille uses a honeycomb structure, which is very open and doesn’t block much air. This case does come with the Antec VPA500P power supply, but the power supply is currently not installed in this case as it has been out for the review.


There’s not much to talk about on the top or bottom of the case. There are no fans or vents to speak of. Again, this lack of fannage here makes sense since this is not an enthusiast case.


If you think the case looks warped in the above two pictures, you’re absolutely correct. I was able to bend this case into a slight trapezium, and bend the side panels a lot with nothing but my bare hands – something that can’t be said of it’s competition from In Win. This would have to be one of the flimsiest cases I have picked up in a long time – a serious problem on a case this expensive. The whole reason that many system builders pay a premium for cases as opposed to buying cheap generic cases is to avoid this kind of problem. If Antec wants to compete with In Win in the micro ATX case market, they’re really going to have to pull their socks up, especially now that In Win are revising the Z583 to include USB3.

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