Antec VSK3500 Case Review

The Interior


The interior isn’t painted, although that’s unlikely to worry this case’s target audience. Admittedly, though, I hate the finish. I much prefer the coated finish, like what the In Win Z583 has. In the way of headers, we have the usual headers for the buttons and LEDs, a HD Audio header, a 3-pin connector for the rear fan, and a USB header, which can be either USB 2 or 3, which is great, as my older testing motherboard lacks a USB 3 header.


The motherboard tray lacks a cutout around the CPU socket, so if your CPU cooler requires a back plate, you won’t be able to install or remove it without first taking the motherboard out. However, most home and office PCs just use the CPU’s stock cooler (which doesn’t require a back plate) and given how thin the metal is, additional holes would make the tray even more flimsy.


The case has two 5.25″ bays, three 3.5″ bays, and one 2.5″ bay. The 2.5″ bay is an interesting omission from the feature list on the box, as it is a very desirable feature for mounting an SSD. None of the bays have screw-less mounts. This is another feature that the Z583 has which this case lacks. Only one of the slot covers is re-installable. The other three are stamped out and have to be snapped off to remove.

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