Antec VSK3500 Case Review


The Antec VSK3500 was overall¬† disappointing. It is just as flimsy as many sub-$30 cases, and the bundled PSU has room for improvement with its build quality. It also lacks screw-less drive mounts and the bundled rear fan isn’t quiet. To make matters worse, In Win are revising their Z583 and other OEM cases to feature USB3, so this is no longer a reason to chose it. Therefore, we would not recommend this case at all, unless you prefer this cases’s cleaner looks. The In Win Z583 is $10 cheaper, much more solid, includes a better PSU, has screw-less mounts on some of its drive bays, and now has a similar set of features as this case. It remains our case of choice if you are looking for a reasonably affordable case for a basic home or office PC.


  • Front USB 3
  • Reasonable ventilation
  • Clean looks


  • Very flimsy/thin steel (-3)
  • Very overpriced (-1)
  • No screw-less drive mounting (-0.5)
  • No dust filtering (-0.5)
  • Rear fan isn’t silent (-0.5)
  • Bundled PSU could be better (-0.5)

Score: 4/10

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