Review Awards and Badges

Review awards and badges

In this article are the awards that we give, to products which we deem worthy of them. This is also our first article authored (rather than just checked) by LongRunner (I’m in charge of the graphic design here ).

Scoring criteria

Behemot’s PSU reviews use a quite detailed scoring system, described in a separate article. Our current case reviews, by Behemot and mockingbird, have no overall numeric scores. Most of the older reviews (by c_hegge and shovenose, and the SST-ST60F-ESB review co-authored by c_hegge and Behemot) used a 10-point scale (albeit with half-point, and occasionally quarter-point, intervals as well), with the criteria varying (somewhat vaguely) by date.

Normal awards

These apply to the practical merit of a product, as worked out by the relevant scoring system. Only one of these can be present per item.

Gold award

Gold: Awarded to the best products reviewed. On the old 10-point scale, this meant a score of 9.5 or better.

Silver award

Silver: Awarded to very good products. On the old 10-point scale, this meant a score of at least 9.0, but below 9.5.

Bronze award

Bronze: Awarded to products that do reasonably well, but could be better. On the old 10-point scale, this meant a score of 8.0 or better, but less than 9.0.

(Note: Some of the early reviews lack award badges, even where the numerical scores are sufficient.)

Specific challenges

These cover some more individual parts rather than the overall result. It is possible for an item to earn more than one of these.

Strongman award

Strongman: For PSUs that successfully deliver 150% or more of their nominal rating.

Sweater Contest FailSweater Contest PassSweater Contest Win

Sweater contest: A test specific to PSUs, wherein the unit is covered with a sweater to block the airflow; this reveals if it has working Over-Temperature Protection (OTP). Units without OTP get tested for 15 minutes to see if they can handle harsh conditions (like getting filled with dust etc.). There are three outcomes: Fail if the unit is ruined (or close to); Pass if the unit shuts down gracefully, or just keeps on working safely; or Win if the unit manages to continue running indefinitely despite being covered, this award is especially meant for fanless units.


Items that don’t fit into either of the above categories.

Fail award

Fail award: On the old 10-point scale, this was given to products that scored less than 2 points. Apart from LongRunner’s mini-review thread, it has yet to be used by the current team (also including Behemot and mockingbird).

Epic Fail award

Epic Fail award: For those occasions where the regular Fail award doesn’t do justice to the horror. (This can be for products that aren’t even vaguely fit-for-purpose; items that pose an insane level of danger; etc.)

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention: Given to products that almost make it, but unfortunately fall down on a particular issue.

This article was ascended from a forum topic, which is retained to now serve as the article discussion thread.

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