Azza Taurus 5000B (CSAZ-5000B): a sturdy windowed case

Introducing the Azza Taurus 5000B (CSAZ-5000B)

Today we’re going to take a look at the newest enclosure from Azza, the Taurus 5000B (B for black), codenamed CSAZ-5000B. This full-tower also comes in a white version and they both have an RGB LED-backlit side window. Azza approached me with this case a while ago and since I would also like to start reviewing cases from time to time, I agreed to check this one out. I grew even more interested when I learned that the actual OEM manufacturing them (and distributing them in Europe) is Linkworld. This company is not necessarily known for higher-end products. So I wanted to check out just how good of a case could come out of Linkworld. Plus, the price of $95 (later increased to $99 as they sold out, and then later lowered again) US dollars after rebate on Newegg is not bad for what you get, just check the specs. They also later appeared in Germany for about 86 Euros.

Size Full-tower
Motherboard size Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, Full-ATX
Color/variants black, white
Size 533 × 210 × 523 mm
Skelet material SECC plate, 0.9 mm
Side material SECC plate, 1.1 mm; plastic window
Front panel material glossy plastic, metalic mesh
Weight (incl. fans) 9.3 kg
Positions 5.25” 3× external
Positions 3.5” 8× internal
Positions 2.5” 8× internal
PSU type ATX
Fan positions 2× 120 mm front, 1× 120 mm bottom, 1× 120 mm rear, 3× 120 mm/2× 140 mm top
Ocuppied positions 2× 120 mm front, 1× 120 mm rear, 2× 120 mm top
Front/upper panel 2× USB 2.0, 2× USB 3.0, jack input/output

As you can see, the CSAZ-5000B has up to seven fan positions and of those you get five of them populated with fans from the factory, which is definitely not bad for the price. Or you can install some 240mm radiators instead. Seeing as how the hard-drive caddies are removable, you can also install graphics cards up to 400 mm in lenght.


Packaging and accessories

The front side of the box shows us images of both the black and white versions. It seems this particular unit has travelled across the whole planet, and didn’t just arrive over the border from Germany.


The rear side looks the same, but on the sides there is the specification table. It is the same one that Azza has on their website.


The CSAZ-5000B comes wrapped in a plastic bag and is cushioned by two pieces of polystyrene foam. This is the typical way that cases are packed.


The accessories are packed in a small cardboard box within the case. Besides the ordinary screws and washers there are also zip ties, one velcro tie, some stickers, an EPS to 4+4pin ATX 12 V adapter, and also a manual.


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