Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear – the gap-filling expansion

Story Cont’d

The Coalition camp

After this encounter you arrive to the coalition camp to meet with the Daggerford and Waterdeep forces. NPCs in the camp flood you with side quests and also main story quests. Besides exploring nearby areas you are also to infiltrate the caverns under the Dragonspear which the Crusade uses as a supply line, and you need to place some explosives there. You can explore some very nice areas there including mad druid’s lair or the remains of old dwarf city. By this time more like necropolis. There are some very tough fighting engagements there but I suggest doing them. After you’re able to gain access and infiltrate the castle and then proceed to poison the food and water supplies (to make the Crusade soldiers weak), then there’s a tough fight with Hephernaan.


Hephernaan is a mysterious figure which supposedly brought Cealar to this “just cause”. She was previously thrown out of some ancient Paladin Order that her family of Argents served for centuries so she was somewhat broken up about it afterwards. He somehow persuaded her gods (or whoever) chose her to lead the Crusade to save the innocent, and that’s how she found her purpose in life, etc…(you know the drill). But as was to be expected, many of the crusaders only joined to plunder, especially the mercenaries who are only in it for the gold. But she still somehow managed to get people who really believed in fallen paladin who so far brought just destruction to join her anyway.

Well, in my experience, even in real life common people are often this stupid, so the aforementioned is somewhat plausible. There are some opinions out there though which claim that this story is hard to believe. Well, the truth of the matter is, if your life sucks and you have nothing to live for, and then out of nowhere some great force comes along and promises you great things if you join, most people will. Especially when they threaten to kill you if you refuse. Just look at human history, or better yet, watch the movie Die Welle. Afterwards, there are always a few fanatics who always appear in such groups who serve to keep the order and filter out the non-believers.


Anyways, back to the game. After returning to the camp you learn Caelar wants to meet the Coalition so you head there. Then she reveals another part of the plan – she wants you, as the Child of Bhaal. So the assassination atempt back in Baldur’s Gate wasn’t meaningless. And fortunately for you, while some of the Coalition leaders would like to sell you, common sense prevails and the leaders refuse to. So after this you return back to the begining, work on some more side quests, and then only one thing remains – to visit the Crusade camp around Dragonspear. You learn some more things and then when you return to the Coalition camp, you find an attack on it already underway.


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