Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear – the gap-filling expansion

The Siege of Dragonspear

Here is where it finally comes: the Siege of Dragonspear Castle! After repelling the Crusade force, it’s time to retaliate! There is nothing more to get ready for so the whole Coalition force gets into action. After blowing up the walls with the planted explosives the slaughter begins. It really is a tough fight as there are very limited possibilities to save the game. If you want your party members to survive, you must advance slowly, otherwise you end up attracting enormous hordes of enemies towards you. But you must also take care to not move too slow as the Coalition forces will advance themselves leaving you behind. Without your help they get slaughtered, and then it would be left to you to fight them alone. Here you can make use of many paralyzing spells or wands, especially those that affect a wider area. Also, summoning some creatures to help you relieves a lot of the stress involved with the effort. I decided to it this way and use mostly only ranged weapons.


Sooner or later you get to one of Calears sergeants. Then you have to fight him one-on-one to the death, after which he is defeated, the rest of his forces surrender. Defeating him isn’t easy if you’re a mage and you already used up all your disabling spells. So if this is the case for you, then you might consider keeping some of those spells for this fight ;-) Caelar is inside the castle so it’s time to get there. She is hiding behind an illusion and here it finally comes – she needed your blood to open the portal. The divinity of her own bloodline diminished over the centuries so she could not do that alone. (Her divine ancestry is the reason why Hephernaan chose her and eventhough his plans are foiled in the end, she got easily manipulated in the meantime. So she still wants to get some divine blood from someone else). Good to know, finally!


She of course manages to spill some of your blood and open the portal to Avernus. What’s more, she escapes there, but only with a couple of other people though.


To the Nine Hells

The Shining Lady’s plan didn’t work out for her for the most part as her grand forces were destroyed before she managed to get to Avernus. Thanks to you I might add. But she was crazy enough to go there mostly alone anyway. OK, time to visit hell!


The couple of soldiers she has left fighting her are almost dead of course upon your arrival. You manage to save them, but she continues to escape. There is no other choice but to fight your way to the boss! Look, they even have a lift in hell…


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