Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro P11 550 W: from gold to platinum


The Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro P11 550 W model is the newest addition to the Dark Power Pro P11 family, which itself is quite new as well. Previously it was only available from 850 W to 1.2 kW, but now three new models have been added, namely: 550W, 650W and 750W. All of them are 80 PLUS Platinum (@115 V) certified and based on the previous P10 series. The P10 series itself was a heavily customized platform based on FSP Groups’ Aurum Xilenser/Aurum PT platform, which was only 80 PLUS Gold certified. FSP has recently updated it and it is now known as the “Hydro G”, bearing an 80 PLUS Gold certification. The Be Quiet! P11 is based on this new Hydro G platform, but it is enhanced in order to achieve Platinum certification.

Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro P11 550 W side view

The P11 is now Be Quiet!’s current flagship model, but I’m not sure whether the price of over 4000 CZK (or some 220 AUD/155 USD) is justified, especially considering that Be Quiet! only offers a 5 year warranty, while most of the competing models have a 7 year warranty. Nevertheless, this unit is very rugged and (almost) fully modular and may even be quieter than its competition. And unlike FSP’s previous (now obsolete) Aurum series, this platform finally has the full standard set of input protections, and also comes with over-temperature protection.


Additionally, it also contains true DC-DC converters for both the +3.3 and +5 V rails, which amounts to 25 A and 22 A, respectively. What I do not understand is why both FSP and Be Quiet! kept the four (!) +12V rail design, considering that this is only a 550W power supply. Two rails is not uncommon, but four is completely crazy. Thankfully however, Be Quiet! offers the OCK function which gives you the ability to combine the four seperate rails into one single rail, either by use of an external jumper accessory or switch.


Packaging and accessories

The packaging of the unit is pretty plain-looking this time around, as the PSU itself sits between only two pieces of ordinary foam. However, the box itself is quite large, and the unit occupies about 3/5 of the space. Within the box is also another nice black box which contains all the cables.


The front side of the main box lists the basic specifications while the rear side expands on them with more information and also depicts the cable lenghts. There is no specific information however offered with regard to the fan speed or its noise output. Efficiency is specified as “up to 94 %”.


As for the extras, we have all the modular cables, the fan cables, and overclocking key (OCK) jumper+switch bracket in a separate bag, then there’s a power cord, and finally the manual. Also included are screws – five longer screws, and five thumbscrews (which, needless to say, can be tightened by hand). On top of all this, also included are six zip ties, five separate velcro ties, which are in addition to the five already present on the cables themselves. I think Be Quiet! have been very generous with all these very nice accessories, and for that I will give the unit two extra points.


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