Capacitors are moving to Bonanza, I am done with eBay

Enough is enough! In the last couple of years, eBay started changing their terms very often, and almost always to the detriment of sellers. The number of free listings they provide just recently dropped to 20, and now not only do they take 10 % of the selling price and shipping, they’re asking for 10 Euros a month just to have my items listed!! I am not so stupid as to give away all of my profit margin to those thieves that I’d only stand to accrue in the first place after maybe two months of sales.

And what kind of service do you actually get for all that money you’re paying them? NOTHING! Maybe a few visits a month, and maybe one or two things sold out of over 40 listings (of which all are items unique to me). Furthermore, there’s no e-mail support, and there’s not even any phone support anymore! There is just NO SUPPORT AT ALL. If you have a problem with something, there’s no one to ask for help. And their old 90s era online system won’t even let you change a simple thing like your country. And lately they’ve been involved in what seems like a very merry collusion with those Socialist thieves who run the EU.

So from here on forth I am ceasing to sell on eBay, and I’ve moved everything to my Bonanza booth. About half of my products are already listed, and I just need to update it with the rest of my capacitor stock. So if you need some quality capacitors, your best choice is still to contact me directly of course, as there are regrettably some fees even on Bonanza.

It seems to me that for those who prefer to shop on auction sites like eBay, some serious competition would benefit them greatly, and the ever-growing Bonanza (no doubt due to all the exiled eBay sellers) seems to be just that. I’d personally highly recommend that anyone still listing on eBay move to Bonanza.

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