Chieftec introduced new gaming case, GP-01B-OP

Chieftec has finally introduced the GP-01B-OP, which is their new gaming case. It should be refreshing since it’s a while since they released any new “modern” models. The GP-01B-OP is a mid-tower in which they’ve implemented some of the latest designs, which I must admit is somewhat unexpected for me. Chieftec usually focuses on office and business case designs which generally have a very conservative look to them. They do have some “hi-tech” designs (like the SJ-06B). But most of their models are just ordinary sharp-edged black variants. This time around however, Chieftec has changed that, and they’ve rapidly adopted a completely new design and have even added some colors.


The GP-01B-OP still implements a mostly standard design, with nothing too futuristic-looking. Though there is clearly an alternatively-modeled part, and that is the angled front panel. Besides two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports and audio headers, there are two LED rails and their associated controlling button. These rails can show 8 different colors or run a loop that gradually changes. There are also two more buttons to set the speed of the integrated fan controller with six headers.


A removable internal plastic cover isolates the compartment for four 3.5″ drives (with tool-free installation) as well as the power supply (up to 200 mm long) from the larger area which houses the motherboard and expansion cards. There are also dust filters on the bottom of the case. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any provision for mounting bottom fans. However, the GP-01B-OP does come with two 12cm intake fans preinstalled (front) as well as one exhaust fan. You can install one more front fan (or a combination of one single 18cm fan with one 12cm). Two more 14cm fan positions are at the top.


The upper compartment has an adjustable support (both horizontally and vertically) for long and heavy graphics cards. There are multiple rubber bushings to hide cables behind the motherboard plate. Plus there are also two 2.5″ positions for the tool-less installation of drives, presumably SSDs. The left panel has a transparent window for those who enjoy looking into their case. It should be stated however that the metal used for the GP-01B-OP is only 0.7mm SECC (and the case weighs a total of only 8.5 kg) so it’s certainly not an ultra high-end model. The MSRP is still not known, though we are aware that the case is already available in Asia. It should arrive to Europe within two weeks.

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