Chieftec Power Smart Series available in Europe

Chieftec has just officially introduced the newest retail Power Smart Series of 80 PLUS Gold certified power supply units. The OEM is not confirmed yet, but it would be safe to guess at it being Channel Well Technology. There are four units available now: 450W (GPS-450C), 550W (GPS-550C), 650W (GPS-650C) and 750W (GPS-750C). Two more, 1kW GPS-1000C and 1.25kW GPS-1250X, are coming by the end of June. All of the units come with 140mm fans for quiet operation, which results in 16cm depth, and also semi-modular cabling (Main ATX and ATX 12 V are fixed).

Chieftec Power Smart Series

All six of the Power Smart Series units have single strong +12V rail which delivers almost the full rated power itself. The minor rails +3.3 and +5 V deliver 100 W combined (110 W for GPS-550C and GPS-650C, 120 W for GPS-750C) or 18A (20 and 22 A) each. For other rails we have the mainstream values (2.5 A/+5 V SB, 0.3 A/−12 V).

Chieftec states that the Power Smart Series also comes with full set of protections including OPP, OCP and OTP. Prices are not yet known for most units even though the units are supposedly available in Asia for a while now. There are the GPS-650C and GPS-750C listed in Russia for about 5200 and 5600 roubles (approx. 92 and 100 USD, or 85/92 EUR). Chieftec covers them with three year warranty.

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