Cooler Master G550M: 80+ Bronze, DC-DC and modular cabling from Channel Well


The Cooler Master G550M (RS-550-AMAA-B1) is member of not that old family of 80 PLUS Bronze (@115 V) certified power supplies from Channel Well Technology. They are internally single-rail +12V units with DC-DC modules for +3.3/+5 V and are also eqipped with semi-modular cabling. The bad news is they are priced from 2100 CZK/89 AUD while you could get award-winning 80 PLUS Gold certified V550S from 2000 CZK at this moment (even though I expect these to be the first revision with Chinese capacitors and faster fan on sellout).

Cooler Master G550M outter view

Good thing is the G550M is also covered with a 5 year warranty and with that price we are (barely) in mainstream according to my methodology so it is not that bad and there definitely will be a difference as soon the old V550S will be sold out in CZ and most likely rise in price.


The unit provides up to 42 A on the +12 V rail on its output (this is definitely a difference between this and other units with DC-DC modules) and ordinary 20 A on both +3.3/+5 V (100 W combined). The rest is also as usual, 0.3 A for −12 V and 2.5 A for +5 V SB.


Packaging and accessories

The unit comes in ordinary colored box (fully white which makes it somewhat difficult to take pictures of) stating some basic facts and some talk about 3D circuit. They mean DC-DC modules being on separate daughterboards? Oh how exclusive and so 3D…


The backside is more interesting, it shows connector informations and also the fan speed diagram. It should be very quiet up to 50% load and then start increasing speed linearly up to 2000 RPM. It also lists the protections, including OTP. We will see.


The unit itself is packed in plastic bag and egg carton while the accessories is around in the box. It includes the manual, power cord, modular cabling and four screws, nothing more at all.


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