Cooler Master has three new towers

Cooler Master has recently introduced three new tower enclosures. One of them is another unit from the MasterCase series, the MasterCase H500P Mesh White. It is in fact just another version of the H500P we wrote about last year. Besides the color, there seem to be no changes so refer to our earlier news for details. It is priced at 4490 CZK (175 Euros) incl. VAT.

The two brand new cases are members of newly launched MasterBox Q300 series. In particular, the Q300L, pretty much an ordinary case with the usual four mini-stands, and the Q300P, which comes with these four bottom and top “handles”, where the bottom ones also act as stands for the case. That makes it larger at 450 × 230 × 450 mm (the Q300L is only 387 × 230 × 378 mm.

Both the cases have plastic side panel which forms a large window. The Q300L has plastic mesh front panel without fan, while the Q300P uses another transparent panel with two RGB LED-backlit 120mm fans. Both have single 120mm fan on the rear. They support up to 140mm front and 120mm bottom fans, with two 120mm positions on the top also.

Both Q300 series cases have PSU position on the bottom and offer only single 3.5″ and two 2.5″ positions. I am however afraid that besides the plastic, there is very little metal. The Q300P weights just 5.2 kg, and that is with the thick front plastic and two extra fans. That makes the Q300L lighter at only 3.7 kg. I am not sure if I ever had so light Micro-tower case in my hands before. Is there any metal at all here? It is clear that with the RSP of 1090 CZK (42.9 Euros) incl. VAT the Q300L is meant more fore cheap home and small office builds. Besides having some fancy extra plastics, there is no difference on the Q300P, and costing almost double (1990/77.90) is a little bit too much if you ask me.

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