Cooler Master MasterWatt Lite about to begin selling in Europe

The new MasterWatt Lite series from Cooler Master is just about due to be released for the European market. This is one of several new MasterWatt series models consisting of three units manufactured by Enhance Electronics: 400W (MPX-4001-ACABW-EU), 500W (MPX-5001-ACABW-EU), and 600W (MPX-6001-ACABW-EU) and 700W (MPX-4001-ACABW-EU). It seems to be something resembling a second-generation B series from Enhance, but now re-branded under the MasterWatt name (in conjunction with MasterCase enclosures). (The actual B v2 units are made by CWT, but it seems as this series will be EoL’d soon). All units have a single, powerful 12V rail which can deliver about 90 % of the rated power by itself.

Cooler Master MasterWatt Lite

Cooler Master already have these units available in their online store, and the prices are close to 40, 50, and 60-65 Euros. The units should be available from February onwards, so that means pretty much next week. This series is 80 PLUS 230V EU certified and comes with fixed cabling. They are said to be equipped with 12cm slow-spinning, high-pressure fans with an “HDB” bearing, which may be a Sintetico bearing from YS Tech. All four models are also only 15cm deep to conserve chassis space. Cooler Master promises a 3 year warranty for the MasterWatt Lite series.

Cooler Master also advertises the full gamut of protections, including OCP, OPP and OTP. That’s as far as the advertised pros go. The cons begin with an advertised spec of just >10 ms hold-up time. It seems that the increasing awareness with regard to the importance of good hold-up times, with many older units failing miserably in that respect gave cause for all the leading manufacturers to disavow responsibility for the negative effects thereof. True, there has been some progress, but the ATX spec calls for 16+ ms (PWR Good) and 17+ ms (voltage), not “>10 ms”. Hopefully we’ll be fortunate enough to have one in our possession soon enough, especially we’ve not come across the B or B v2 series before.

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