Cooler Master readies MasterWatt power supplies

Cooler Master has just launched what is indeed the true replacement for its aging GM series, the MasterWatt series. Next to the ultra high-end MasterWatt Maker and low-end MasterWatt Lite, the MasterWatt fits into the middle/top part of the mainstream segment. As well as the GM, the new MasterWatt comes in four models ranging from 450 W to 750 W (MPX-4501-AMAAB to MPX-7501-AMAAB). All of these units bear 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency certification and come with semi-modular cabling, too. The PCIe cabling is now longer and thicker, though. What is new is the OEM which is the HEC Group (HEC/Compucase) instead of CWT now.

Cooler Master MasterWatt 550 W

Also the semi-fanless operation is quite fresh feature for such series from Cooler Master. The fan should stay off up to about 15% load while jumpstarting to 500 RPM after crossing aproximatelly such load. Than it slowly increases the speed to the maximum (between 1800 and 2300 depending on the power rating). Cooler Master also claims the Silencio FP fan now has all greater self-lubricating Loop Dynamic Bearing (LDB), supposedly better than even the Fluid Dynamic Bearing with 160 000 hours life expectancy. The question is whether it is really superior, or they just want to have something patented of their own, instead of paying fees for the FDB.

Anyway, the platform remains basically the same: two-transistor forward, so the ordinary, with schottky rectifiers, just that there is only the +12V winding on the main transformer, with only single output rail which can deliver the full rated power itself. The +3.3/+5V rails than take use of DC-DC buck regulators and provide 20 A each (22 A for the 650/750W variants). The capacitors are still only taiwanese brands, but Cooler Master keeps 5year warranty with RSP of (with an extra cent) 60, 70, 80 and 90 Euros incl. VAT.

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