Cooler Master N200 Case Review

First Look

Cooler Master’s N series are a mainstream series of cases – intended to provide reasonable cooling and expansion options, while still being affordable. The N200 model which we have here today is the only Micro ATX model in the series. It can be had for no more than $60 AUD from many retailers. Let’s see if this case’s other features are as attractive as the price tag.

The Box and Packaging


Like most less expensive cases, the box is fairly plain with no fancy colours anywhere. The front has a sketch of the case as well as a few marketing bullet points.

  • Luxurious minimalist design with full mesh front panel (Nice. Mesh fronts are great for ventilation)
  • Supports 240mm radiator in the front (I think this would have to be the first Micro-ATX case I’ve seen which supports radiators that size)
  • Supports long graphic card up to 355mm/14 inch (That’s also nice to see on a Micro-ATX case. There are a lot which don’t support long graphics cards)
  • Supports high CPU cooler up to 160mm/6.3 inch
  • Supports SuperSpeed USB 3.0 (Good. I do knock points off for not including USB 3 these days)

The back of the box has a sketch of the case’s interior, and labels all of the major features.



The left hand side of the box has a list of specifications, while the right hand side of the box has the same sketch as the front, and tells us exactly which model we have. Here, it’s the N200 advanced, which includes two USB 3 ports. Interestingly, someone forgot to mark whether or not a power supply was installed.


The case comes packaged in the usual way – inside a plastic bad with Styrofoam on the top and bottom. In the way of accessories, we have a manual, some zip ties, and a bag of screws. The manual is an A2 size – too big for my A3 scanner, so I won’t scan it. But I can say that it is fairly complete with nothing important missing.

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