Cooler Master V Semi Modular V550S: revised and better than before!

Connectors & cabling

The cabling has been cheaped out though, there were some 16AWG wires before, now it is 18AWG only. Including the PCI Express cable which consists of three common +12V wires for both the 6+2pin connectors. That is not good, with 300 watts of labeled power that is over 8 amps per wire! And of course nothing is golden-plated. This time the unit will loose points for each wire itself, not per connector, this really is not safe. Main cables are sleeved while the peripheral ones are welded together to form flat ribbons.


In particular, we have:

Fixed cabling

  • Main ATX (20+4pin): 57 cm
  • 1× ATX 12 V (4+4pin): 62 cm
  • 2× PCIe (6+2pin):  53 and 64 cm

Modular cabling

  • 6× SATA: 2× 42 cm, 2× 58 cm and 2× 73 cm
  • 3× Peripheral molex: 53, 58 and 73 cm
  • 1× Berg for FDD: 90 cm

Casing & cooling

The casing is made from 0.8mm SECC steel with matt (possibly powdered) black lacquering. The fan grille is made by directly perforating the top part of metal casing, much like Seasonic does it, with extra silver rim around it for fancier look.


The backside for exhaust air is made with hexagonal holes. Similar to Seasonic units, it also does not have any bushing for cables coming from the unit rather than just benting the metal so it has no sharp edges. The fan used is the same ball-bearing Yate Loon D12BH-12 as in the first revision, however, the current is lowered from 0.6 A to 0.3A so it should be slower. I thought the original fan was rated 2300 RPM, however now it seems 2300 RPM is rating for this 0.3A version while the other one has as much as 3000 RPM. The airflow should be 89 CFM with noise level of 41 dBA.


We can reasonably expect the fan to really be slower than in the first version as even the speed curve shows drop from 1800 RPM maximum to 1200 RPM maximum and the fan really is slower than before. This is in strong contrast to most Seasonic units including S12G and G series.

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