Cooler Master V650: the fully-modular brother of VS (updated)

Connectors & cabling

Basically, all the wires in the cable assembly are 18AWG, the only exception being the feedback wire for the voltage regulation and than the wires for the single Berg connector, which all are 22AWG. Wires for both the 6+2pin PCIe connectors are also 18AWG. They share 8 wires from 7 pins on the PSU side (one GND pin connects two wires). As always, I will express my concern about drawing 100 watts per pin and wire (with the actual rated power being only 150 W per connector). What is worse, none of the connector pins are gold plated. The pins in the SATA connectors seem to have something resembling a gold plating on them, but at the very best, the material they actually used seems to already have seen better days just coming out of the box. Nah, lets move on.

In total, we have:

  • 1× Main ATX (20+4pin): 55 cm
  • 1× ATX 12 V (4+4pin): 60 cm
  • 2× PCIe (6+2pin): 50 cm, 61 cm
  • 8× SATA: 2× 46 cm, 2× 58 cm, 2× 70 cm, 2× 81 cm
  • 6× peripheral molex: 2× 45 cm, 2× 57 cm, 2× 69 cm
  • 1× Berg for FDD: 81 cm

We can see that the modular cable board uses 10pin Molex Mini-Fit Jr. 5566-10 connectors for the feedback sense as well as a few other functions, while the rest of the Main ATX connectors use 5566-18. The 6+2pin PCIe/4+4pin ATX 12 V share three 5566-8 (or EPS). This is actually the same as the Corsair SF600 cabling, however, the pinout at least in the Main ATX connector is different. So these cables won’t be cross-compatible. The peripheral cabling connect via single-row 5559-05P2 connectors, the same as with the VS series. None of the pins are gold plated.

Casing & cooling

The metal chassis of the V650 is made out of 0.7mm SECC steel, and it has a matte black finish (which is most likely a powder coating). The fan grill was formed by way of punching hexagonal perforations to the lid of the chassis. This is cheaper than a wired grill but not as effective with regard to noise etc. To give it a bit of an extra boost in the looks department, they glued a brushed metal frame around the grill. For the extra cost this must have added, I would have simply just preferred a standard wire grill. Notice the warranty sticker over one of the chassis screws.

The back exhaust uses the typical perforated hexagonal pattern. These perforations cover most of the back side, including under and around the input receptacle/AC switch. This is nice as the hot air can escape unobstructed, wihout being trapped and creating some local pockets of heat which could lead to premature component failure.

The fan is Cooler Master’s own “Silencio FP”, or A12025-25RB-2IN-F1. It is a 120mm rifled sleeve bearing model with five long blades optimised for higher static pressure. As we can see, the actual manufacturer is Huizhou City Xunhe Digital Technology Co. Ltd. and their PN is DF1202512RFLN. The basic model of this fan is used by many other competing brands. However, Cooler Master has not provided any specifications for this particular version. A transparent plastic sheet covers almost one half of the fan so I am not exactly sure how this will ultimately affect the static air pressure.

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