Corsair launched Carbide and Crystal Series cases & special edition PSUs/cables

Corsair has just officially launched three new midi-tower computer enclosures at the same moment: two Crystal Series units, which kind of remind me of Lian-Li cases, and one Carbide Series. The Crystal Series are the 460X RGB and 570X RGB while the Carbide is 270R. All of them have some kind of window: the Carbide 270R has transparent side-panel window. Both the Crystal Series cases carry several panels made of just tempered glass only. The 460X has them on front and both sides, the 570X also on the top which makes it to four pieces of glass. It also features LED-backlit Corsair logos.


Because of the glass panels the 570X is also heaviest at 10.9 kg, 460X follows with 7.97 kg and 270R is the last with 7.28 kg. The dimensions are 480 × 234 × 512 mm, 440 × 220 × 464 mm and 509 × 210 × 460 mm. All three cases support Mini-ITX to Full-ATX motherboards and up to 37 cm long graphics (or other) cards. The cooling positions are the same for all: three 120mm/two 140mm front fans, two 140mm top fans and a single 120mm rear fan. The Crystal Series models come with three 120mm RGB LED-backlit SP120 fans on the front. There is also a three-button LED and speed controller included. The Carbide R270 only has one SP120 fan, combined with non-backlit rear fan. It also has fan filters in the front and under the PSU position. The Crystal Series cases claim to have dust filters on all intakes.

Corsair Crystal Series 470X

None of the three cases have any 5.25″ positions. The 3.5″ and 2.5″ positions are on the bottom with a cover to separate the drives from the main compartment in case of the 460X and 270R. The 570X mounts the drives under the motherboard plate. Each case but the 460X carries a pair of both positions, the 460X having three 2.5″ positions. As for the front panel connectivity, all cases offer two USB 3.0 ports and a pair of input/output audio jacks. The 270R has the connectors and buttons on the right side of the front panel, the other two both on the top-front. Recommended prices were not given.


Corsair also announced the sale of 10,000,000 power supply units. For this occasion a special limited white edition of the RM1000i has been prepared. Just 100 pieces have been built. Besides the color it is pretty much a standard RM1000i with ten-year warranty. And oh, it also comes with white-LED backlit fan. On top of that, Corsair also introduced new modular cables with the unit.


The Type 4 (Generation 3) cables for RMi, RMx and SF units are now available in both single-color (red, black, white, blue) and also two-color sets (red/black, blue/black or white/black). The individually-sleeved wires can all enjoy triple-layer sleeving so the quality should be very good. If you are fan of the individually-sleeved cabling, you can now select from much wider variety.


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