Corsair launches Carbide Series SPEC-04 midi-tower case

Corsair has recently launched the Carbide Series SPEC-04 midi tower case, priced at 50 Euros including VAT so let’s check this model briefly. It is basically just pretty much a generic midi-tower with different front panel. The panel comes in three color combinations (black with grey, red, or yellow). There are no external 5.25″ positions, no 3.5″, no 2.5″, no nothing, only three 3.5″ and two 2.5″ internal bays.

Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-04

There is of course a window in the side, there are almost no new cases without windows. Corsair claims the material the Carbide Series SPEC-04 uses is steel, but when it weighs 4.2 kilos with dimensions of 492 × 201 × 433 mm, I somehow doubt it has seen steel somewhere else than from a train window. Usually even 6kg cases use pretty paper-thin material, what could you expect at 4.2 kilos?!

There is also a 120mm front fan preinstalled so no weight savings here. You can install one more 120mm (or both 140mm) fan on the front, two 120mm on the top and one to the rear position. Other than that you get one USB 2.0 and one 3.0 port, plus two audio jacks, that’s about that. Oh yeah, there is also PSU fan filter. Pretty much one of the cases people throw away after a couple years as they are not even worth cleaning. I just wonder why not investing only a little bit more and getting much better ones which you can use for a decade…

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