Corsair RM550x: the newest CWT semi-passive unit


The Corsair RM550x is the newest model of the semi-passive fully-modular Corsair RMx series made by Channel Well Technology. It is basically an evolution of the older RM series but the RMx platform has undergone some major changes. While it is still only 80 PLUS Gold certified (@115 V and the certification is not public yet) as the RM, it is now covered by 7-year warranty. The RMx units are now also specified for continuous operation at 50 °C (previously only 40 °C).

Corsair RM550x outter view

The current price for RM550x starts at 2600 CZK or 155 AUD so we are clearly in the high-end segment. What is also interesting is the fact that the RMx series is already often slightly cheaper than the RM, and it is introduction price (which usually drops over time)! Strong competition in the market clearly plays its role, but it is not only because of that: the older RM had some limited Corsair link capabilities (even though it required additional analog-digital converter cable). As most users had no interest in such technology, Corsair removed it to further reduce the price. This function was upgraded to fully digital in the RMi series.


If I have checked it right, the power distribution is exactly the same as RM550 had. The unit is capable of delivering the full power on the +12 V rail, or 3 A on the stand-by rail, 25 A per +3.3/+5 V or 130 W combined for the latter two. Also the −12 V rail is capable of quite high current (for today’s standards), 0.8 A.


Packaging and accessories

This unit’s packing is like matryoshka doll, I guess I will start from the inside. So obviously we have the unit itself, which is packed in a plastic bag. Then it is in black textile bag you can take with you to LAN parties. Then some egg-carton follows, consisting of two halves with the unit sitting between them. This is in the internal carton box while the colored box is just over it, making it fifth layer.


There are some basic specifications on the front side, cable lengths and connector numbers are on the upper side. The backside shows efficiency graph, fan noise diagram and the power distribution table. Efficiency on the 230 V grid should be over 92 % and the fan should start spinning at 225 output watts.


As for the equipment, we have all the modular cables in separate bag, power cord, manual and warranty sheet, four screws, aluminium-plate sticker and ten zip ties. Nice! RM550x gets an extra point and a half for that.


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