Corsair SF600: 600W semi-fanless SFX unit

Introducing the Corsair SF600

As already covered in the preview, the Corsair SF600 is (together with SF450) Corsairs debut in the SFX power supply market. But the company has made quite an impact right away. The SF600, manufactured by Chinese GreatWall company, packs 600 W in the basic SFX form factor (125 × 100 × 63.5 mm). It is also 80 PLUS Gold certified (@115 V) yet fully-modular and semi-fanless! For that reason Corsair puts the usual sticker warning about semi-fanless operation on the unit, as you can see.

Corsair SF600

Corsair covers the SF600 with 7-year warranty, which is – to my knowledge – the longest warranty provided for any SFX unit on the market. Considering all this and the 600W power, the price is also quite reasonable. It sells for approx. 3200 CZK in Czech republic, 105 Euros in Germany, 120 USD in the US and 164 AUD in Australia.

The SF600 is obviously actually a 12V unit so the single rail can output the full power of 600 W. DC-DC converters than provide lower voltages with 20 A on each rail (or 120 W combined). The stand-by rail delivers the usual 2.5 A with -12 V rated at 0.3 A. Corsair lists this unit as only having OPP and OTP. While it does not explicitly state OCP, it is safe to assume at least the +3.3/+5 V rails have their own over-current protection as it is usually embedded in the buck controller itself.

Packaging and accessories

The box the SF600 comes is is smaller as the unit itself is small. Corsair uses combination of black and yellow as well as for the other 80 PLUS Gold certified series. As always, what we can is is actually just an outter shell from pasteboard while the unit itelf is inside, in a carton box. On the front side we can see the picture and some basic features.

More information can be found on the back side where we have some diagrams of the fan noise, stating it stays off up to power draw of about 120 W and the maximum speed should stay well under 3000 RPM. There is also the power distribution table, efficiency diagram and then mostly the same as on the front side.

As for the extras, the packing is quite rich. Both the unit itself and the modular cabling come in nice textile bags, while the PSU is also packed in a plastic bag and sits in a lodge from thick foam. There is also a power cord, manual and some warranty papers, ten zip ties, screws and some sticker. I think this is worth two points.

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