Corsair upgrades the HX and TX-M series

Corsair has launched eight new high-end power supplies at the CES 2017 show, finally updating the aging HX and TX-M series. The new Corsair HX models consist of four 80 PLUS Platinum certified units: 750W (CP-9020137), 850W (CP-9020138), 1kW (CP-9020139) and 1.2kW (CP-9020140), ranging in price from 130 to 230 US dollars. The upgraded 80 PLUS Gold certified TX-M replaces the only marginally successful CS-M series and has 550W (CP-9020133), 650W (CP-9020132), 750W (CP-9020131) and 850W (CP-9020130) models priced at 80 to 130 dollars. The HX units are covered by a 10 year warranty, while the TX-M is covered by a 7 year warranty.

Corsair HX750

The Corsair HX series models are fully-modular units with one new function: a hardware switch to set the output OCP between single-rail and multi-rail modes. This ranges from a total of five 40A rails for the HX750 to eight rails for the HX1200. The new units are also semi-fanless and should stay dead silent at up to 40% load. Even when the 135mm fan starts up, it should be very silent thanks to the low speed and a self-lubricating sleeve bearing (the FDB type). The +12V rail always outputs the full rated power of the unit and the +3.3/+5V rails’ combined limit is 150 W for all four Corsair HX models. The HX1200 supplies 3.5 A @+5V SB while the lesser units supply 3 A.

The TX-M series consists of semi-modular units with a 12V platform as well. The actual power from this rail starts at a slightly lower output for the 550W unit (94 % of total capacity), and increases all the way to the full power rating for the TX850M. This unit also has a 14cm rifled sleeve bearing fan, while the other three lower-rated models have 12cm fans. The renewed TX-M series is based on the same platform (though updated) as the CS-M. The Corsair HX series on the other hand still uses CWT as its manufacturer. And thanks to the new updated HX platform, the Platinum-certified units also share up-to-date platforms with two series which only differ mainly by the presence (or lack thereof) of the Corsair Link Connectivity feature. Analogous to this is the HX vs. HXi is as well as the RMx vs. RMi series, which has been the case for some time now. The HX may actually be slightly better being of a more modern design, as Corsair (to their credit) usually tries to enhance the new platforms even though they are spec’d as inferior to older, but more expensive series (like HX is to HXi now).

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