Corsair VS450 Review

Load Testing

As some of you may know, my load tester failed (more specifically, the rail select switch on the oscilloscope output melted) after reviewing the Bliss 600W power supply. Now, one month and hundreds of dollars later, I have a new load tester, with increased loading capacity (up to 1.3KW) and smaller increments on some rails (5A on the 3.3V rail and 0.5A on the 5Vsb rail, as opposed to 10A and 1A respectively on the old load tester). As a result, Test 1 is now done with the minimum load on all rails (about 70W in total), and Test 2 is what Test 1 used to be.

Test 1 (70.64W Load – Cold)

Rail Load Voltage Ripple
12V 2.3A 12.04V 5.8mV
5V 5.03A 5.03V 4.2mV
3.3V 4.93A 3.35V 4.0mV
-12V 0.1A -11.69V 7.2mV
5Vsb 1.01A 5.03V 6.8mV
AC Power 90.6W
Efficiency 77.96%
Power Factor 0.88


Test 2 (125.44W Load – Cold)

Rail Load Voltage Ripple
12V 6.9A 11.94V 6.2mV
5V 5.04A 5.04V 4.4mV
3.3V 4.93A 3.35V 4.4mV
-12V 0.1A -11.72V 7.2mV
5Vsb 1.0A 5.02V 7.4mV
AC Power 151.9W
Efficiency 82.58%
Power Factor 0.97


Test 3 (197.06W Load – Cold)

Rail Load Voltage Ripple
12V 9.4A 12.07V 7.4mV
5V 9.9A 4.95V 5.4mV
3.3V 10.06A 3.32V 5.2mV
-12V 0.1A -11.96V 8.8mV
5Vsb 1.0A 4.98V 12.2mV
AC Power 236.3W
Efficiency 83.39%
Power Factor 0.98


Test 4 (250.84W Load – Cold)

Rail Load Voltage Ripple
12V 14.0A 11.96V 23.8mV
5V 9.92A 4.96V 6.2mV
3.3V 10.0A 3.3V 7.2mV
-12V 0.1A -12.0V 8.8mV
5Vsb 0.99A 4.96A 14.2mV
AC Power 300.0W
Efficiency 83.61%
Power Factor 0.97


Test 5 (302.8W Load – Cold)

Rail Load Voltage Ripple
12V 18.5A 11.87V 10.8mV
5V 9.92A 4.96V 6.2mV
3.3V 9.97A 3.29V 9.4mV
-12V 0.1A -12.03V 10.0mV
5Vsb 0.99A 4.95V 15.4mV
AC Power 362.1W
Efficiency 83.62%
Power Factor 0.97


Test 6 (352.77W Load – Cold)

Rail Load Voltage Ripple
12V 22.83A 11.8V 12.4mV
5V 9.94A 4.97V 7.2mV
3.3V 9.97A 3.29V 10.4mV
-12V 0.1A -12.07V 12.0mV
5Vsb 0.99A 4.95V 17.4mV
AC Power 426W
Efficiency 82.81%
Power Factor 0.99


Test 7 (401.71W Load – Cold)

Rail Load Voltage Ripple
12V 27.1A 11.73V 13.8mV
5V 9.98A 4.99V 8.6mV
3.3V 9.97A 3.29V 12.6mV
-12V 0.1A -12.11V 14.4mV
5Vsb 0.99A 4.94V 18.6mV
AC Power 491.8W
Efficiency 81.68%
Power Factor 0.99


Test 8 (458.76W Load – Cold)

Rail Load Voltage Ripple
12V 29.6A 11.85V 18.8mV
5V 14.79A 4.93V 9.2mV
3.3V 9.94A 3.28V 13.0mV
-12V 0.2A -12.21V 22.4mV
5Vsb 1.47A 4.9V 16.0mV
AC Power 574.1W
Efficiency 79.91%
Power Factor 0.98


Overload Test (498.83W Load – Cold)

Rail Load Voltage Ripple
12V 31.8A 11.82V 23.2mV
5V 14.76A 4.92V 11.0mV
3.3V 14.67A 3.26V 13.0mV
-12V 0.2A -12.25V 26.4mV
5Vsb 1.46A 4.88V 17.6mV
AC Power 632.8W
Efficiency 78.83%
Power Factor 0.98


Starting with the 12V rail, The voltage was off by 0.27V at most (Test 7), which gives us 2.25% regulation. Its highest value was 12.07V during Test 3. This gives us a total variation of 0.34V, or 2.83%. The 5V rail had maximum and minimum values of 5.04V and 4.93V respectively. At worst, this is off by 0.07V, or 1.4%, and the variation is 0.11V, or 2.2%. The 3.3V rail was of by 0.05V, or 1.52% at most, and dropped by 0.07V, or 2.12%. While this result is certainly acceptable, I would prefer to see less variation than this as the load changes.

The VS450 was just barely able to maintain 80plus standard efficiency levels throughout the testing. Under 70W (15%) Load, the efficiency was only at about 78%, but it climbed considerably to over 82% at 28% load. Although I didn’t test it at 20% load (80plus’s lowest load level) it’s a fair assumption that it would have been about 80% at that load level.  The efficiency peaked at 83.62% during Test 5 at 300W load, and at full load, it was just a hair under 80%, but I’m willing to let that one slide, as my equipment isn’t quite as precise as 80plus’s. Bear in mind, however that the VS450 is not 80plus certified, and wouldn’t be able to maintain this efficiency if used with a lower input voltage.

I was able to overload the power supply to 500W. During this test, the voltages were still within acceptable ranges, but the efficiency was below 80%.

Rail Test 8 (458.76W) Overload Test (498.83W)
12V  Test8-12v  OL-12V
5V  Test8-5v  OL-5v
3.3V  Test8-3.3v  OL-3.3v
-12V  Test8--12v  OL--12V
5Vsb  Test8-5vsb  OL-5vsb


The ripple was very well suppressed. In fact, below 250W load, most of the rails had single digit ripple figures. A few spikes started to show up on the 12V rail during test 4, pushing the ripple to just over 20mV, but they disappeared during subsequent tests. The 12V ripple didn’t come back up above the 20mV mark again until the overload test. On all of the other rails except for the -12V, the ripple stayed under 20mV at all times, which is an excellent result.

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