Crono PS350N: do not this cover!

Introducing the Crono PS350N

The Crono PS350N is one of those units which have just one advantage: their price. This brand seems to be a native Czech one though they import the same no-name generic Chinese stuff as all the others. This time I was unable to find the actual OEM supplier of this thing. I bought it for slightly over 450 CZK incl. VAT, that is not even 20 US dollars. It also sells in Poland for less than 95 PLN. They claim it has the 2-year warranty as dictated by the law but I somehow doubt anybody will even take the effort to RMA this thing.

Crono PS350N

The unit claims to provide 350 W maximum power though the individual rails can only supply 347 W combined. Can somebody explain that to me? Can we then believe anything else it states, like the CE marking? And what does the “Do not this cover.” mean? Questions, there is just more questions. The power distribution looks somewhat up-to-date but the question is if actually concurs with the HW inside the chassis. We have seen it before – sticker said one thing, but the topology was just a copy of a copy of still the same +5V heavy 1990s design. Nah, lets jump to it and see what more there is.

Packaging and accessories

The PS350N actually comes in a box which is surprising for the price. There is nothing more to it than you can see. It tells us the unit is quiet, stable and reliable…all right…

There is nothing to protect the unit during the transport, not even a bubble bag. Just this thin transparent bag. There is a power cord in the box, but that is all, no screws, not even a manual.

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