Crono PS350N: do not this cover!

Connectors & cabling

The PS350N cabling only uses 20AWG wires. The Main ATX has black sleeving, that is about all you get. Though the SATA actually seem to use gold-plated pins, well, at least I hope it is gold…

In total, we have:

  • 1× Main ATX (20+4pin): 38 cm
  • 1× ATX 12 V (4pin): 37 cm
  • 2× SATA: 2× 37 cm
  • 4× peripheral molex: 2× 37 cm, 2× 53 cm
  • 1× Berg for FDD: 67 cm

Casing & cooling

The metal chassis of the PS350N consists of 0.6mm SECC steel, and it only has the basic grey finish. Crono opted for wire grille which is nice though I have a bad feeling corners have been cut elsewhere.

The backside uses ordinary hexagonal pattern. The perforations cover most of it, they are even under the AC switch. The AC inlet itself uses pins made of a layer of thinner metal folded over and pressed together. I am also not sure if I can even use this thing around here?! The label states I have to use the correct AC voltage, but there is no 220 V in the grid for a very long time around here! Good that my isolation transformer usually outputs 215-225 V thanks to some losses…

The fan is 12cm with sleeve bearing, model DF1202512SEL. Cross-referencing suggests it is made by Palmleaf Fan Co. Ltd., a manufacturer which also supplied some fans to Cooler Master. The actual specifications are unknown to me, but compared to some of those CM fans, I would guesstimate the speed around 1300 RPM and airflow around 50 CFM.

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