Database of UPS inverter output waveforms (updated)


This overview is an attempt to establish a database of real output from different uninterruptible power supplies running in battery mode. In other words, database of UPS inverter waveforms. Many devices are built to operate with natural sine wave input with 50/60Hz frequency and it is not really a good idea to feed them with something completely different. But you may be surprised how many UPSes have some very strange output, which definitely does not make different kinds of devices happy (like pumps, fans and other motors, transformers). Depending on the waveform, often even active PFC power supplies have problems. And with some UPSes, you can see even lightbulb flicker with naked eye.

The measurement is usually taken on secondary side of 2kVA isolation transformer, with 40W lightbulb load (sometimes computer load) plugged directly to UPS output. Rigol DS2072 oscilloscope is used with 1:100 probe. The voltage often floats as I unplug the UPS input cable so it also loses earth grounding, but the oscilloscope has earth referrence. But in extreme cases, it is not only reference error, but even voltage measured with TrueRMS voltmeter directly on the UPS output between phase and neutral differs from nominal 230V output.

Since the end of may 2015, I also measure no-load idle power draw since UPSes usually draw tens of watts. While authorities make show for voters how much eco-friendly they are with pushing manufacturers to lower idle consumption of ATX power supplies from 1 W to <0.5 W etc., average UPS draws hundred times more. But this is absolutely normal with burreaucrats, they have no idea about real world.

Revision history

April 2015: first batch (AEC ST-3100; APC  CyberFort 350 VA , BE550/700, BK350EI,  BK900I , BR1000I,  BR1500I,  Smart-UPS SC 450 VA RM 1U, SC620I, SU700INET, SMT750I, SU1000INET,  SU2200RMI3U, SUA2200RMXL3U/3300RMXL3U; Belkin F6C800frUNV; Best Fortress LI 660 VA ; Chloride PowerLAN Plus 750; CyberPower PR1500ELCDRT2U; Eaton 3105, Ellipse Eco 1200 USB FR, 5SC750i; Emerson PowerSure PSI PS1440RT2-230; FSP FP2000, Galleon 3K; G-TEC LP130-1500; HP T1500INTL; Integra Tech E-Plus 1500, Heat Master 200; Powerbank EH-500L; PowerWare Prestige 3000 2000P3HV; Salicru SLC-3000-Twin Pro; Socomec NeTYS NET-800-PE; Sweex PP-200; PP210, PP220; Victron NetPro 3000+)

May 2015: APC SU2200INET, SC420I

September 2015: APC BP650IPNP, CyberPower Value600ELCD

February 2016: APC SU1000RMINET, DL1400RMI

March 2016: FSP EP1000

August 2016: APC BF-500FR

October 2016:  Eaton Nova AVR 1250 (66824SG), APC SU450INET, Conrad Power Manager Mini NSV 300 (Trueful EPS-300PII)

November 2016: APC SU700RMINET, ha-vel PR02100

May 2017: APC BK500EI

July 2017: Eaton 5P1550i

September 2017: APC BK650EI, SU620INET, SUA2200I, SMT750RMI2U

February 2018: APC BR1200G

August 2018: Eaton 5E1500IUSB

October 2018: APC SUA1000I, SU1400INET

December 2018: Powerware 9120

March 2019: APC BK400EC; BK650EI, SUA1500I efficiency

July 2019: Eaton 5E850iUSB, several APC units efficiency

September 2020: APC Smart-UPS 900, several APC units efficiency

March 2021: Eurocase EA620, HP T750 G2, Riello NDG 200

February 2022: Volt Polska SinusPRO-800E

May 2022: APC BR550GI

July 2022: ARTronic Powersonic 2200VA

Semptember 2022: APC Back-UPS ES 400 VA, CyberPower BU600E

March 2023: ARTronic Powersonic 2000VA

Source: inlandpolitics, DiiT

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