Dell H305P-01 Power Supply Review

First Look

Once again, we’re looking at a unit from a major OEM. Unlike last time, however, we’re looking at a unit from a PC you’re more likely to encounter in the average home or office. Like the H750P-00 I previously reviewed, this unit is made by Chicony Power. Let’s see if its just as bulletproof as its high end cousin, or if Dell are cheaping out on their lower end computers.


This power supply is a twin 12V rail unit, with both rails being rated at 18A. It is plain grey in colour. While this isn’t the most attractive finish, it’s common on OEM units.


The cable configuration consists of a 24 pin ATX connector, a 4 pin ATX12V connector, two SATA power connectors, four Molex connectors, and one FDD connector. The cables are very customised for the computer this power supply originally came with. The ATX connector comes from the bottom of the unit and is only 17cm (about 6.5 inches) long – just enough to reach the motherboard’s ATX Connector. The other connectors are also the perfect length for the computer which this power supply was originally sold with. While this makes cable management easy on the original computer, it makes it impossible to use the power supply with other computers without using extension cables.


This power supply uses a front mounted 80mm fan. Both the intake and exhaust grilles use the honeycomb structure, which is about as open as punched out grilles get. It is slightly taller than a standard ATX power supply, but the screw holes are in the same positions, so it can be installed in any case, as long as it has enough room to accommodate the extra height, and can also be replaced with a standard ATX unit if it was to fail, albeit with a small gap about 1cm (half an  inch) underneath.

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