End-of-year news and happy New Year 2017!

We have once again somewhat upgraded our testing equipment, and it was a long-needed upgrade. That terrible no-name Chinese kick-off multi-crap-meter I’ve had has been replaced with the Uni-Trends UT61E. This device’s basic accuracy is at least five times better while it also has better resolution, meaning the accuracy of voltage measurement is now way better than before. For our ATX PSU output voltages that would be the 22.000 V range. That means it has resolution of 1 mV and accuracy of ±0.1 % + 2 digits. Though it has been reported the meter has some problems with stability over time, I think we can actually believe its accuracy much more than of that previous thing. If you only saw what that was doing…I also intend to resolve the UT61E problems (plus enable some of the unavailable functions, making even better device out of it) later next year by some circuit modification. There are also plans for our own precise reference for irregular calibration so we can be sure the instrument remains accurate.

You may have also noticed that Moishe, up to recently only our corrector, has advanced to the position of editor. If things go well, we will be expanding the number of monthly published reviews by about one more computer case review. Moishe would like to focus especially on the midi-towers which are not only popular for office configurations but in last few years also the home usage is rising considerably (as the power consumption of computers continuously decreases).

Especially thanks to all you loyal followers, the total number of unique visitors of this site has increased by more than 20 % year-to-year and the total number of hits has increased by more than 60 %! Meaning we most likely did a good job making you get back to us regularly (-: As always, there are many plans for future improvement so you have even more incentive to get back. The whole Hardware Insights team thanks you for your support in 2016 and wishes you happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year 2017

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