Enermax Digifanless 550 W – the most powerful digital fanless unit


What do we have on my bench today? Something special for sure! The most powerful fanless fully modular unit with some digital thingy on top, the Enermax Digifanless 550 W (EDF550AWN). It is 80 PLUS Platinum (@115 V) certified unit, Enermax claims it is able to provide full power with 40 °C ambient temperature and 605 W of peak power (for up to 60 seconds). Like the competing Seasonic Platinum Fanless 520 W, the Digifanless 550 W is meant only for cases where it is mounted on the bottom so the cold air can enter the unit at the sides and ascend through the upper mesh (where fan is usually located).

Enermax Digifanless 550 W sideview

The Enermax Digifanless is basically a +12V unit with DC-DC modules to lower the voltage for +3.3 and +5 V rails, each capable of 20 A and 100 W combined. Their OCP can be set to trigger between 22 and 32 A, at least if I understand the manual correctly. As for under- and over-voltage, well, we have basically the ATX specifications here, which are too lenient for my taste. I mean, 13.1-14.5 V at +12 V? Holy one. And 8.5-9.5 V there? Show me any computer capable of still working with such voltage drop. I would expect something better from “digital” unit claiming to be capable of controlling such things.


The +12 V supply is then split into two rails with 30 A each, but this may be turned off, effectively making a single-rail unit from the Digifanless. The stand-by supply provides usual 2.5 A and −12 V half an ampere, you will not see this often these days. Other than that we have a lot of Chinese text as the unit is designed by Enermax, but manufactured (exclusively for Enermax) by Channel Well Technology.


As has already been stated, this is a fully modular unit with special control for which it has separate connector. It is basically a USB connector for plugging directly into motherboard, however, it uses only one port while still having 9-pin connector. I see the reason, Enermax does not want customers to plug it backwards, but you then lose use of the other port for no good reason. Enermax is using basically the same cables as with their older Platimax units, including that wide connector which is supposed to be “12P modular design for possibly upcoming new CPU and GPU 10P and/or 12P connectors”. Not sure whether the ATX standard needs further increase of +12V wires rather than removing/reducing all that unnecessary −5 V, −12 V, +3.3 and +5 V rails and cables in the Main ATX connector (where you can add two extra +12 V wires instead and have more than enough power for all you want).

Packaging and accessories

The printed cardboard box presents the main features from the front side. I especially like that polymer cappie icon :D The unit inside sits in a bubble wrap bag and is confined to a designated part of the box together with other things (cables etc.) with pieces of folded cardboard.


The rear side repeats the important information and adds some pictures and background story. There is a power distribution table too.


The accessories include a power cord, all the modular cables, ZDPMS cable, manuals, screws with Enermax sticker, two velcro tie, a wire retainer to hold and support the power cord in inlet and a nice sachet for the modular cables. I think for the extra equipment it is just fair to add an extra point. Note the ribbon over the unit notifying the owner that the unit must be installed on the bottom of a case with the mesh side facing up.


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