Enermax MaxPro 600 W (EMP600AGT) review (update)

Introducing the Enermax MaxPro 600 W (EMP600AGT)

Today we are going to look at a unit from the lower-end of mainstream market segment for a change with the Enermax MaxPro 600 W (EMP600AGT) unit. Couple of people asked me to review the MaxPro family as there are almost no reviews of it at all while it has an interesting price. It can be purchased for prices starting at 1550 CZK or about 55 Euro in Germany. For such price unit is covered by a three year warranty. Actually, this is most common price segment for PSU purchases in the market, having the highest volume of units sold.

Enermax MaxPro 600 W (EMP600AGT)

The OEM for the EMP600AGT is Channel Well Technology, and the unit is based on their GPM platform. That is an ordinary group design so it can be expected that the voltage regulation will be mediocre. The unit is 80 PLUS 230V EU certified, which is equivalent to 80 PLUS Bronze at 115 V. The platform was already Bronze-certified so it was mostly just a matter of using cheaper components that only work with a 200-240V input. And then recertifying it.


As you can see the unit has only a single +12V rail, and then the other outputs are pretty much the standard values. Enermax claims the unit has an almost complete set of protections including OCP — and only OTP is missing. I am very curious to check that out. It also has that famous Enermax HeatGuard system. It keeps the unit’s fan running for a while after you turn off the computer. Although this seems like a nice enough feature, I should point out that I’ve seen a couple of old units where this exact circuitry failed. Than the entire PSU ceased to work because of it. Just sayin’, that while it may be a handy thing, the more functions there are, the more stuff there is that can go wrong. Keep that in mind.

Packaging and accessories

With the box Enermax was clearly trying to save a few cents, but I can not say anything against it. For most people, the box has served its purpose after the product inside has been removed (namely for the safe transport of the unit). And they then proceed to throw it away, so do you really need anything that special and fancy afterall? So I think that an ordinary cardboard box with black printing on it is OK for this purpose. The unit itself inside the box is protected by a bubble-wrap bag.


On the right side we can find the power distribution tables for all four variants of this model. On the backside there is nothing this time around.


As for the extras, we have some screws and a manual and a power cord. It is just not on the picture as it has been previously removed from the package, but it is normally packed within.


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