Enermax launched the Revolution Duo power supplies

Just last week Enermax officially launched the newest series of the Revolution Duo power supplies in Europe. There are three models so far: ERD500AWL-F (500 W), ER600AWL-F (600W) and ERD700AWL-F (700W). All these units are 80 PLUS Gold certified and made by Channel Well Technology. What is most interesting about them is the choice Enermax made for cooling, as they come with two fans, both utilizing the second generation of ‘twister’ bearings. Generally speaking, and especially here with such a efficiency rating, a single fan is usually the best option. However, for some (smaller) cases with limited space and perhaps not the most optimal mounting position, the Revolution Duo might offer an advantage.


As these units are just 14cm deep, using anything larger than a 12cm fan would have been impossible. Plus, some cases have only a limited opening for the PSU exhaust. This is where the 8cm exhaust fan comes into play. To allow for sufficient intake it’s accompanied with the main 100mm fan. All the units also have a potentiometer knob on their rear which you can use to manually increase their speed. The smaller fan can reach up to 2000 revolutions per minute while the larger one goes up to 1200 RPM. Enermax claims you can use this to help with component cooling even in cases with bottom-mounted PSU. I fail to see the advantage of having a loud PSU cooling the case internals inefficiently, rather than having sufficient quantity of silent fans in the case.


All three units are based on a modern platform with DC-DC switchers to generate the +3.3 and +5 V rails from a single powerful +12V secondary rail. This rail can also in all three cases provide basically the full power output on its own. These two minor rails (3.3V and +5V) which are derived from the 12V rail, provide a total 100 watts in all three models. All three models come with fixed sleeved cabling and a three-year warranty. The MSRP is set at (without 10 cents) 80, 90 and 100 Euros, respectively.


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