Enermax surprisingly launched the Revolution SFX series

This comes as a surprise to me as Enermax has previously not declared any interest in the SFX power supply market whatsoever. And then all of a sudden, the Revolution SFX series has been launched at CES. This series consists of two models at the moment, the 550W ERV550SWT and the 650W ERV650SWT. So Enermax right away surpassed the last-time reviewed Corsair SF600 and actually even the current leader in this market, Silverstone. They are working on new SFX units from Enhance (500W and 650W) as shown at CeBIT, but these were not launched yet. Enermax announced the two new Revolution SFX units are available immediately for RSP of 115 and 126 Euros (incl. VAT). What’s more, the first 200 units also come with free LPEA Bluetooth speaker!

Enermax Revolution SFX 650 W

Both units seem to be based upon the Channel-Well Technology CSN platform. They offer 80 PLUS Gold certification (@115 V), fully-modular cabling, semi-fanless operation and 5-year warranty on top of that. Enermax claims the 80mm fan stays off up to 30% load and then slowly speeds up to full speed with increasing load. That is the case with the 650W model, the 550W should not even spin at the full speed. The maximum noise then should be around 35 dBA. The platform is of course utilizing current mainstream topology with only single +12V transformer output. So both Revolution SFX units can pretty much provide the full power output from this rail alone. The DC-DC’ed +3.3 and +5 V rails offer 18 and 15 A, or 80 W (90 W in case of ERV650SWT) combined while the stand-by can supply full 3 A.

Enermax claims the Revolution SFX makes use of high-quality Japanese capacitors which would be a must of SFX units of course. They should also be equipped with full range of protections, including OCP (on +3.3 and +5 V rails), OPP and OTP.  The company also provides SFX to ATX bracket adapter and bag for the modular cabling.

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