Enermax launches the Steelwing Micro-ATX case

Enermax has launched a new line of quite interesting Micro-ATX (and Mini-ITX) cases, the Steelwing. It’s acutally kind of funny as the case is actually made out of pure aluminium, but named Steelwing. Its design reminds me somewhat of the Chieftec SJ-06B which is also constructed with individual plates screwed together with voids in between them. But the Steelwing is smaller at just 387 × 176 × 300 mm and weighs just 3.8 kg. It comes in two versions – one is black with a red right-hand panel (ECB2010R), and the other one is aluminium and silver with a green side panel (ECB2010G). Both of them have a tempered glass window on their other sides.

Enermax Steelwing

Both Steelwing models have two USB 3.0 ports and two HD audio jacks on a small front panel, located in the upper-left area of the front panel. They also have a 120mm front fan, namely the Apollish series which is backlit with the appropriately-colored LED (red or green). There is also an opening on the top side of the case, but that doesn’t seem to be intended for mounting a fan to. So the front fan position is basically the only fan in the case as there isn’t any other conceivable space available to mount another one. It’s a good thing that they made it out of aluminium.

The Steelwing only supports an SFX power supply but that’s not so much of a problem as the selection of good SFX units these days has improved quite steadily as of late. You can mount a single 3.5″ and 2.5″ drive, or two 2.5″ drives into the case. Both versions are priced at approx. 190 Euros incl. VAT in Europe, though the initial quantity available for the green variety will be limited to only 100 units.

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