Enermax MaxTytan: the new flagship series

Enermax has finally joined the league of manufacturers who offer 80 PLUS Titanium certified power supplies, with the Enermax MaxTytan series. Originaly the DigiTytan was the expected series, but it seems this one was abandoned in favour if MaxTytan. Ranging from 750 W to 1250 W, it consists of four fully-modular models: EMT750EWT, EMT800EWT, EMT1050EWT and EMT1250EWT. All four units are to deliver power 24/7 under as high as 50 °C ambient temperature while they could be overloaded by further 10 % for as long as 60 seconds. Equipped with 139mm fan which uses Twister Bearing, they also come with controller which has semi-fanless functionality for decreased noise.

Enermax MaxTytan

On top of that, all the Enermax MaxTytan  units also have the Dust Free technology thanks to which the fan could operate with reversed rotation for a while to blow some dust out of them. The first two units have the D.F. switch which could be used to active this feature anytime. The two units over 1 kW on the other hand offer embedded digital power meter located on the input receptacle side. The modular cabling has individual sleeving, but it seems that Enermax also took the critics seriously and they now provide clips which can hold the individual wires together (for some cable organising) as accessories with each unit.

As for the power distribution, all four models only provide the ATX minimum od 20 A/100 W combined for +3.3V and +5V rails. The single +12V rail can deliver up to full rated power of each model itself, as they are internally all 12V PSUs with buck regulators for the two lower rails. Besides all the already mentioned goodies, Enermax has finally increased the warranty to 10 years. It is not that surprising with the compeition pushing the warrany ever longer though. There is of course full set of advanced protections including OTP and OCP. The 750W and 800W units are 16 cm long while the two more powerfull ones are 20 cm long. The recommended prices (including VAT) in Europe are (without few cents) 250, 260, 370 and 440 Euros. The first two variants should be available now, but you will have to wait for the 1050W and 1250W Enermax MaxTytan’s to october.

Together with the MaxTytan, also a new batch of the Platimax D. F. models has arrived. While the 500W and 600W models are already on the market for about a year, they have now been joined by four new units: EPF750EWT, EPF850EWT, EPF1050EWT and EPF1200EWT (750-1200 W). These are actually quite similar to the 750W/800W MaxTytan units in most aspects but the efficiency, as they only come with 80 PLUS Platinum certification. Also the warranty is only 5 years. The pricing is set to 220, 250, 280, 320 Euros with the 750/1050W models available right away and the remaining two in october.

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