Fortron Source Power Group FSP200-50GSV-5K (85): a 200W dwarf

Connectors & cabling

There is not really much cabling coming with the FSP200-50GSV-5K (85) but that makes sense after all. Most of it uses 18AWG wires, which is nice. Few only have 20AWG, but it makes sense there (SATA etc.). Some of them (feedback, -12 V etc.) have 22AWG. Nothing is sleeved or gold-plated (besides SATA) though.

In total, we have:

  • 1× Main ATX (20+4 pin): 32 cm
  • 1× ATX 12 V (4-pin): 32 cm
  • 2× SATA: 31, 47 cm
  • 2× peripheral molex: 2× 31 cm
  • 1× Berg for FDD: 49 cm

Casing & cooling

The metal chassis of the FSP200-50GSV-5K (85) consists of about 0.7mm SECC steel, and it has only the basic grey finish. The fan grill is made by simple punching into the chassis. You can see FSP opted only for small, 60mm push fan in the middle of the unit. For the rated power and efficiency it can actually be just about enough. Instead of grommet for the cables the steel has been just bent and pressed so the edge is now smooth and will not cut the wiring insulation.

The front side uses ordinary hexagonal pattern. The perforations cover most of it, though not under the input receptacle and single-pole switch. Which makes sense as the casing is really very small.

The fan is 6cm with most likely rifled sleeve bearing, model MGA6012YR-O10 with rated speed of up to 5400 RPM. The maximum airflow reaches 20.76 CFM with noise of 40.2 dBA. The maximum static pressure is 0.45 mm of water column.

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