Fortron Source Power Group FSP200-50GSV-5K (85): a 200W dwarf

Primary side

The primary side of the FSP200-50GSV-5K starts with input bridge rectifier, the GBU608. As it does not carry a heatsink, it is limited to under 3 A continuously (175 A surge) at 100 °C. Maximum voltage is 800 V, voltage drop 1.0 V per diode. This is funny: as this is full-range unit, FSP states the input current at 100 V to be over 3.5 A, more than the rectifier is rated. It will of course never reach so high current at 200 W, but still. The PFC silicon consists of a single Fairchild FDPF16N50 (16/64 A at 500 V and 25 °C, RDS(On) 0.38 Ω at 8 A) transistor in TO-220FP package and NXP BYC5-600 (5/44 A at 600 V and 110 °C, 2.8 V@5 A and 25 °C, 1.75 V @150 °C) power diode in TO-220AC package. The PFC coil again uses quite thin wire for winding and the core is also not particularly large, but for the small power this is OK.

The bulk capacitor is Teapo SH 100 μF for 450 V. This series is only general purpose capacitor with 2000 hours endurance, though at 105 °C (at least that). The switcher is Infineon SPA08N80C3 (8/24 A at 800 V and 25 °C, RDS(On) 0.65 Ω @5.1 A/25 °C, 1.5 Ω @150 °C) in TO-220FP package and forward configuration. It shares small primary tin-coated copper heatsink together with the PFC silicon. The main transformer has 31mm core.

The PFC/PWM combo driver in the FSP200-50GSV-5K is from Champion Micro, the Green-Mode R8CB05BO in SOIC-10 package. It is very similar to the CM6805, as usual, we can see lots of talk about advantages such as smaller bulk cap etc. The switching frequency is fixed at 100 kHz for both the PFC and the primary FET. A Taicon HD 180/50 is used for the driver, fed from secondary stand-by rail output where is alxo a C(r)apXon GF 100/35. Not entirely good capacitor choice so far.

+5 V stand-by rail

The stand-by rail uses PWM controller with integrated transistor, the Fairchild FSBH0270A. In open-frame full-range units it can deliver 16 W thanks to the integrated 2A/7.2Ω FET. The transformer has 13mm core and the auxiliary tap feeds the primary driver, as has been already mentioned above, and this controller itself. For that purpose there is another cap, Teapo SEK 22/50.

The Schottky diode for single-way rectification is SB540, 5A/40V one. Filter consists of C(r)apXon LZ 1500/10 and custom D6.3×20mm GF 470/16. Well, no good caps here either.

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