Fortron Source Power Group FSP200-50GSV-5K (85): a 200W dwarf

Conclusion and evaluation

The FSP200-50GSV-5K (85) delivered the rated power both in combined loading and crossloading, plus it delivered it more or less in accordance with the ATX specification, so according to my evaluation methodology, it is deserving of an evaluation. I cannot say this unit is any wonder: it is not really that silent, yet it runs hot, the capacitors inside it are of poor quality and the OPP does not really work, as we are used to from FSP anyway. On the other hand the ripple suppression is very nice and voltage regulation is finally at least good enough to pass crossload tests. The hold-up time could be slightly longer, but we have also seen much worse values.

It is good to see that at least FSP goes towards their system integrator customers and with the trend of lowering PC consumption and also dimensions (now also of the basic office builds), there is finally small and low power-rated, SFX unit available. All that with reasonable efficiency too. In the end, as stated, it is no wonder, plus the support of all those CPU low-power states will be questionable, if any. However, there is very little to choose from in sub-250 W segment of ATX power supplies and the saved costs together with reasonable efficiency of basic <100W builds with only integrated VGA will most likely outweigh anything else having DC–DC modules to support those states, but much more expensive (and with higher power rating). So if you are one of such home users who also have only some basic 2/4core system with just an SSD and no dedicated graphics (which can still carry some punch these days), you can consider this unit, combined with some small case. Just remember that this thing needs to breathe, especially with the c(r)apacitors inside.

The value of the Fortron Source Power Group FSP200-50GSV-5K (85) as a mainstream SFX unit is as follows:

  • component/technology quality: 7.5 p. (− for missing thermistor, − for poor quality capacitors)
  • built quality: 8 p. (− for couple worse solder joints)
  • voltage regulation: 4 p. (− for combined loading, − for crossloading)
  • ripple: 16 p. (+ for combined loading, + for crossloading)
  • efficiency: 9.5 p. (− for slightly lower efficiency)
  • hold-up time: 7 p. (− for shorter PG HUT)
  • others: –4.5 p. (− for lack of accessories, − for shorter warranty, − for lack of cable sleeving)

So as a mainstream SFX product, the FSP200-50GSV-5K (85) gets a value of 47.5. Assuming the cost is 800 CZK, then the price per value ratio would be 100×47.5/800 = 5.94. I think this is quite nice result, though as a first such unit we tested, there is nothing to compare with yet.

Pros + cheap
+ good ripple suppression
+ nice efficiency, especially for the rated power
+ reasonable hold-up time
Cons questionable capacitors
not very silent
higher internal temperatures
OPP, UVP not much working, no OCP
Be aware of… /?\ voltage regulation (low power CPU states)
/?\ bulk packing (no accessories)


I thank the Fortron Source Power Group company for providing the Fortron FSP200-50GSV-5K (85).


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