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Folding@Home Easy Installation Tutorial/Pictorial

PostPosted: March 19th, 2011, 7:35 am
by shovenose
Step One
This one's easy. Just go to the website and click the big blue download button:
Step Two
Download the F@H client. to do this, click the windows logo. (the first one).
Step Three
Open the file. There are a billion different ways to do it. just do it however you want.
Step Four
You should end up with this:
Step Five
Click Next, then click Agree and Next the next page.
Step Six
Just follow the rest of the prompts.
Then, when it's done, click Close.
Then, go here, (see image) and save a shortcut to the program onto your desktop...
Step Seven
Drag the icon on your desktop to the Startup folder in the Start Menu. This can be a bit iffy, but I have faith in your ability to do this...(not!)
Step Eight
When you open the program for the first time (double click the desktop icon or single-click the program icon in Start>All Programs>blahblahblah)...
Step Nine
Then go to the Advanced tab and set the Checkpoint Frequency to three minutes.
More Information
Which is not really a step at all, just some important info!

When you clicked OK, the program went away, right? NOPE! it's just hiding! To verify that it is working, you can hover your mouse over the F@H icon in the taskbar, and it will show "CPU Working XXX/XXX or whatever. If you open task manager, you will notice that your CPU is suddenly at high load. This is a good thing and means the folding@home client is working.

Just something for you to know:
If you have a normal single-core CPU, it will use 100% maximum.
If you have a dual-core CPU or a single-core with HyperThreading (HT) it will appear to use 50%.
If you have a quad-core or a dual-core with HT, it will seem to use 25%,
>>>If you have a slow computer (anything with less than 1.6GHz processor speed), i suggest running your computer 24/7. If you want to help out the most, definitely run it 24/7. make sure you go into the Power Settings in the Control Panel and make sure the computer is set to Never Turn Off!!!
After all, it if turns off it can't run F@H!
Thank you for reading and I hope you run F@H for team 191779!!!