Hardware Insights migrated to new virtual hosting

In last few days we have been working hard on migration of Hardware Insights to all new and better virtual hosting. We apologize for any problems you might have encountered, after encountering both smaller and bigger troubles both the website and the forums should now operate normally. We managed to shrink the website to about one half of previous size, mostly by deleting lots of extra content from back than when I have been playing with buttons. Also by reoptimising all the PNG files (which were not yet optimised) and re-editing some of the early JPEG images from 2011 and 2012 (with terrible quality yet sizes up to 7 MB a piece). Some of the image sizes may be missing from those articles from these two years, we will hopefully fix it manually through time so please be patient.

The new virtual hosting has more RAM, faster processors and more storage which uses SSD so I will migrate all my other websites there soon, including HW World, especially with all the things going on here lately, I prefer having data on different continent where these fascist could not touch them. (All that for cheaper, too.) As you may have already noticed, we have also turned on SSL for better security.

Our next long-term goal is to set-up some backup server and use CDN service to provide not only uninterrupted service no matter what (including DoS and similar types of attacks), but also enhanced performance in different regions. If you have some experience with this (especially syncing two remote machines), we of course welcome any volunteer ;-)

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