In Win Power Man IP-P600CQ3-2 600W Review

First Look

I’ve already reviewed the In Win IP-S400CQ2-0 400W, and it turned out to be a decent performer. Today, I’m going to check out its big brother, the IP-P600CQ3-2. Unlike its little brother, this unit is 80 Plus Bronze certified, so we should see better efficiency.


Like the Antec HCG-750, this unit has four 12V rails, so I’ll have to use the auxiliary load, and won’t be able to monitor the ripple on the 12V3 and 12V4 rails. Based on the colour codes on the wires, I’m going to assume that one rail powers the ATX connector and the drive and peripheral connectors, one powers the CPU power connector, while the other two each power a PCIe connector. It’s the ideal configuration for a quad-rail unit, since it places all of the main loads on separate rails. Like its little brother, it’s a plain grey colour, although it does use a wire fan grille, rather than a punched out grille, which is preferable because wire grilles are generally more open and let more air through.

If there was one feature the 400W IP-S400CQ2-0 was lacking, it was cables, since it only had two peripheral connectors. This unit, however, doesn’t disappoint. It has a 20+4 pin ATX connector, a 4+4 pin ATX/EPS12V connector, two 6+2 pin PCIe connectors, five SATA connectors, four molex/peripheral connectors and an FDD connector. For a 600W product, it’s a good cable configuration. It allows for either a single high end graphics card or two mid-range graphics cards. The cables aren’t sleeved, but that’s not a big deal, since you can easily keep them out of the way with a few zip ties. The wires are all 18AWG, which is the minimum recommended gauge.


I must say, the fan does have a somewhat larger hub than most 120mm fans. This tells me that it’s probably an ADDA like the fan in it’s little brother, since they seem to like the large hub design, although we’ll see for sure later. The back of the unit contains nothing out of the ordinary for a modern unit with APFC. Just the IEC power inlet, an on/off switch and a honeycomb, although I can’t see any honey left in it. I licked it just to be sure and I couldn’t taste any honey.

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