In Win Power Man IP-S400CQ2-0 Review V2.0

First Look

Things have changed a lot here at Hardware Insights since I first reviewed the IP-S400CQ2-0. I have a new oscilloscope, I’ve improved some of the wiring in the load tester, and I now do 4 page reviews, and go into much more detail than I did back then. Now that I have another unit to play with, I think it’s time to re-test it using my newer equipment and write a more in-depth review on it. So, without further ado, on we go.


The label states that the power supply has two 12V rails. As we will see later, though, this is not the case. There is really only one 12V rail. The power supply is a plain grey colour. It may not be the most attractive finish, but these power supplies are aimed more at system builders than modders and gamers, and are often bundle with In Win cases. It still looks better the grainy, unfinished look of many $10 cheapies, like the OKIA 420ATX in the el-cheapo roundup.

The fact that this power supply is aimed more at system builders is further reflected by the cable configuration. It has a 20+4 pin ATX connector, a 4+4 pin AXT/EPS12V CPU connector, one 6 pin PCI-E connector, two Molex/peripleral connecotrs, four SATA power connectors and one FDD connector. Given that the average home or office PC will only have a one HDD and one optical drive, and integrated graphics, this cable configuration is adequate for such a computer.


The top grille is punched out, but is still fairly open. The rear grille uses a fairly fine honeycomb structure. It’s good enough, but I would prefer it if there was a wire grill on the top, and if the rear grill had slightly larger holes.

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