In Win Power Man IP-S400GQ3-2 Review

First Look

In Win have proven over the last few years that they are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to OEM power supplies. Every one of their power supplies I have tested has proven to be excellent value for money. Let’s see if they can continue this trend with the IP-S400GQ3-2 – an 80plus gold certified product which sells for around $65 AUD.


Compared to its 80plus bronze certified cousin (the IP-S400EQ3-2), this unit has a slightly reduced 3.3V and 5V capacity (90W vs 120W), and a slightly increased 12V capacity (390W vs 300W), meaning that it would be somewhat more capable of handling a higher powered graphics card. Unlike the others, which were single 12V rail power supplies, this model really does have two 12V rails. There are two groups of 12V wires, with Over Current Protection. The power supply itself is plain grey in colour, like the other In Win Power Men I have reviewed.


The connector configuration consists of a 20+4 pin ATX Connector, a 4+4 pin CPU connector, a 6 pin PCI-Express connector, four SATA power connectors, two molex connectors, and one FDD connector. This configuration is identical to that of the IP-S400EQ3-2 and IP-S400CQ2-0. It is fine for the average home or office PC, but this is certainly not intended for high end gaming PCs. The cables are also fairly short – only 30cm (1 foot) long for the ATX connector and 12V CPU connector, which may be too short for some cases with bottom mounted power supplies.


Unlike its cousins, this power supply uses a wire fan grille. This approach is generally preferred over a punched out grille, as they are more open and don’t hinder the airflow as much.

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