In Win Z583 Case Review

First Look

In Win’s Z series cases are aimed at the home and office market, not so much enthusiasts. While they may not have all the features of a true gaming case, they are still intended to be a good value option for the average Joe, sporting 0.8mm steel, screwless drive bays and reasonable ventilation. With a retail price of around $80, let’s see if the Z583 delivers.

The Box


The marketing on the box (or more, the sheer lack thereof) is a clear indication that this product is not intended for enthusiasts. The average home office computer simply doesn’t require all the bells and whistles one would expect to find in a more expensive gaming case. With no marketing to comment on, let’s just get down to business and open it up.


Like most cases, the Z583 came packaged in a plastic bag with foam on the top and bottom. The only accessories included are a bag of screws and a power cable. This case comes bundled with the In Win IP-S400CQ2-0 power supply, which I have reviewed and found it to be a decent option for a home or office computer.

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