Kambrook KFH660 and KFH600

Basic-but-competent fan heaters: Kambrook KFH600/660

Kambrook is an Australian-owned (although like most of them, nowadays manufactured largely in China) company designing and distributing small home appliances.
In general, their products are mid-priced with reasonable (if not outstanding) build quality.

Kambrook initially became famous for their power-boards (known as ‘power-strips’ in many other countries e.g. the USA) – including the “Awesome Foursome” model (in the 1980s and early 1990s) which was built to much the same standard as an Australian power-point (wall outlet/receptacle), many (most?) of them still working fine today – although they ultimately pulled out of that market due to intense price competition making quality hard to sell (most buyers seeing little apparent reason to go above the cheapest there).

You can read some of Kambrook’s other innovations on their history page; another one not mentioned there was a ‘Tumble proof’ radiant heater which recovered to upright after being tipped (although they’ve lately dropped out of radiant heaters altogether, being probably too-small of a niche market to profit in).

But that’s probably enough said about the company…


Kambrook released the KFH600, KFH610 and KFH660 in 2013, after the previous KFH200 (2011?) became infamous for not staying on (this may have been due to thermal cut-outs which were out-of-tolerance on trip temperature). These were replaced in 2020 with the KFH700 and KFH770 (and KFH710 listed at least in the manual) which are cosmetically different, but presumably more of the same functionally. The relationship between these, feature-wise, is as follows:

Room thermostat Oscillating base
KFH660 and KFH770 Yes Yes
KFH610 and KFH710 Yes No
KFH600 and KFH700 No No

All have a 4-position rotary power switch (off, fan only, 1200W, 2400W) although oriented ‘backwards’ for reasons known only to Kambrook.
Recommended retail prices, as of 2022-05-18, are AU$65 for the KFH700 and AU$80 for the KFH770. It is unclear if the KFH710 has actually been made, given that the KFH610 was dropped within the market life of the KFH600 and KFH660.

The KFH660 featured herein is my own unit, bought in 2017 (manufactured in the 10th week); the KFH600 is a friend’s unit (one of two) bought in 2018 (manufactured in the 4th week). Accordingly, most of the photos will be of the KFH660, with the KFH600 just shown where the two differ.

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